A short run-down of classics that everyone should think about.

Today I’m writing about three of my favourite classics. Some have garnered mythic status which often comes with a preconception that they’re just big, weighty, dense tomes best left to universities and people with too much time. I don’t think that’s wrong, but it’s no reason to ignore them either.

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One benefit of a big book is that they were written to be read over a long time. That means you have a long-term companion, an insightful partner in conversation, an extensive world to enjoy for the longest time, and, great value. They’re often bound very nicely too. …

A short run-down of a few films I want to bring to lockdown light.

I love film. Recently, as per lockdown, I’ve been able to watch a few. Here are 3 I want to recommend. I hope they do something for you!

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A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)
dir. Ching Siu-tung
(aka Tony Ching)

A Chinese Ghost Story is definitely the lightest pick on the list. I was originally recommended it as part of a course on the history Ancient & Medieval China… safe to say, I wasn’t expecting the fun little B-Movie as I got.

A tax collector is down on his luck, thanks to townsfolk, guardsmen, and an unfortunate torrent of rain. The…

This is a standalone but does follow up on a previous article, found here (Medium) or here (Substack).

The MMORPG genre is a complex creature. In all my 90 seconds spent Googling, I found little evidence in the way of an average lifecycle.

The latest in the “Spell Audit” shows new quality of life changes to the animations of decade-old AoE spells.

In 2021, Wizard101 will turn 13. If your game account is aged at 13, you are able to use a heavily filtered form of text chat. Fickle restrictions mean that you are chained to that age, as years don’t progress so linearly for accounts on Kingsisle servers. Yet also, 13 is oft considered unlucky. …

This is a repub of an older article, originally posted here.

Wizard101 has occupied a strangely consistent space in my life these 20-odd years on the planet.

Released in open beta during the summer of 2008, this seemed another game riding the rise of the MMO, taking many peoples’ money, and preceding to eventually fizzle out with the worst of them. Where it sought to differ from its many contemporaries was in the game’s combat; this was not to be the traditional hack-and-slash, RPG-elements, action/adventure-inspired, generic fantasy derivative set in an attractive, huge, sparsely detailed world.

Rather, Wizard101, despite having swords (one of the many forms of wand, and at release, the rarest above staves and traditional sticks) didn’t have the player-character making a great deal of…

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First Evidence

The Sleuth thumbed volume up. And up. This was when it got good. The train was fuck-knows how far from all stations.

Full of slit-small-eyes and strange cone hats and rats’ teeth long enough to chew through their blue velvet seats.

Weren’t like any kind of people actually looked like that, usually, but that’s the way time passes on art and comics, right. Too bad The Sleuth knew most of those eyes and hats and teeth wouldn’t make it more than a few more minutes into the story. One of them, one of the dozens of extras taking each seat to train’s capacity, in their period-half-accurate attire, broke character in the background, dropping a silver spoon. He blinked and cursed under his…

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